Believe It or Not, These fetishes exist!

We can all agree that sex was much simpler before internet porn and movies like “50 Shades of Grey.” Nowadays, we are surrounded by deepfakes, bukkake videos, bizarre ahegao faces, slimy tentacles, massive dragon dildos, and so on. 

Of course, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our sexuality has expanded, and most of us are likely to experiment with some used-to-be-taboo acts like anal sex to get our rocks off. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are many unlikely fetishes that people still consider unusual, gross, or even disturbing. And we’ll try to explain them to you today! 


Acrotomofilia is a fetish in which people express sexual interest towards amputees. It’s the opposite of apotemnophilia, which is the sexual desire to be an amputee. All of this is much different compared to your average foot fetish.

So how does acrotomophilia work? Well, this sexual fetish can manifest itself in several different ways. For one, people with an amputee fetish love the look of stumps and amputated legs or arms. Many acrotomophiles can see the amputated body parts as sexual objects with a phallic nature. 

On the other hand, acrotomophiles can get turned on by the idea of sexually dominating an amputee. They get off to ownership rituals or various master/slave scenarios. Yet, people with this fetish can also get aroused by the thought of taking care of a submissive amputee. In extreme cases, acrotomophiles might even operate on their partner (with consent) to modify their body.


Axilism refers to the desire to have sex with someone’s armpit. It’s a part of maschalagnia, i.e., armpit fetishism, but it is specifically based on armpit sex. This fetish is attractive to some people because of the natural body odors that armpits produce. 

In fact, underarm sweat is full of hormones that can stimulate a powerful sexual reaction. Some studies have also found that smelling armpits acts as an aphrodisiac. And according to Sigmund Freud, there is a link between the look of a vagina and an armpit. 

What’s more, it’s very difficult to imagine how this fetish actually works. Obviously, it brings some kind of pleasure to the giver or the person “penetrating” the armpit. But does it tickle? Do you have to use lube or condoms? Obviously, axilism eliminates the chances of unwanted pregnancies. But, aside from that, it’s probably not so pleasant for the receiver unless they have a massive tickling fetish.  


And if we haven’t already ruined your meal, now is definitely the time to forget about your beef burrito or chocolate fudge bar. In simple terms, coprophilia refers to sexual arousal from feces. Coprophiliacs love the look, feel, smell, and taste of their own or other people’s excrement. Feces can bring coprophiliacs extreme sexual arousal when combined with BDSM and other kinks.

Interestingly, the American Psychiatric Association does not consider it to be dangerous. Coprophilia is not diagnosed as a mental issue. However, it’s an unsafe activity because feces contain a lot of bacteria. 

Still, that won’t stop the most dedicated kinksters. Most coprophiliacs get their rocks off if others defecate on them. They get aroused by the sight, smell, and taboo acts involving poop, like the Cleveland Steamer or the Dirty Sanchez. 


This paraphilia is all about insects and creepy crawlers! Formicophilia is a fetish for people who love to be covered in bugs. It’s a type of zoophilia in which people usually use small insects to cover their bodies. Formicophiliacs often put ants on their genitals. They get off through the prickling sensations that these insects can create. 

Usually, the desired effects are stinging or tickling. And apart from regular ants, people use fire ants, cockroaches, and even snails. Since snails are slimy, they provide a different sensation altogether. Poisonous spiders, on the other hand, may not be the best idea! 

Additionally, psychological distress could indicate an explanation for this strange fetish. According to psychologists, the ticklish feeling of having ants crawl all over your genitals puts you in a state of alert, which could be a major turn-on. 


This refers to a paraphilia for mirrors. It’s probably the harmless and most common fetish on our list since you’ve likely already had sex in front of a mirror. If you liked it, you’re a katoptronophiliac! 

This fetish simply refers to people who love to experiment with sexual activities while looking at themselves in the mirror. That mainly includes masturbation. But, it can also involve stripping, sex with a partner, or even an orgy. 

However, this fetish can get much more complicated. Some hardcore katoptronophiliacs can redecorate or invest a lot of money in constructing new environments for their kink. They can create “mirror” rooms or even line their ceilings with mirrors. Nevertheless, apart from the occasional accident followed by seven years of bad luck, this fetish is generally harmless.


You probably know about doll or mannequin fetishes already. Agalmatophilia refers to the sexual attraction to inanimate objects. It’s one of the most complicated fetishes out there since it can mean many different things. 

At its most basic, agalmatophilia is all about getting pleasure from sexual contact with objects like statues or dolls. Yet, people can develop elaborate intimate fantasies and even enter into relationships with such objects. Others might love to watch encounters between two or more dolls or objects. Plus, wanting to transform into an inanimate object is a common fantasy among agalmatophiliacs. In this instance, people want to become a doll so that they could experience paralysis, immobility, etc.

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