I was hungry to learn more. We tried a couple of new things such as ice, and I must say that it took me to a new sexual level. I was able to achieve a female ejaculation and the release was absolutely amazing. I’m still astounded at this? I’m working on a repeat experience as we speak and I’m confident that it’s going to happen again soon…. My relationship with my partner has moved to a new level, loves his new “late bloomer” and the emotional and sexual chemistry that we have been enjoying post my Nickolas experience is fantastic. I feel so much more confident sexually and in general, it’s an amazing investment for any woman to make for herself. I would have loved to have had the opportunity 20 years ago. I’m certainly making up for lost time now…if you are wondering whether or not to give it a go, I’d say go for it girl! You only live once.


To anyone who is interested to discover more about they own body, and to get to know their sensual preferences definitely need to try butt tail plugs! I had absolutely benefited from my two new toys. Before my first insertion, I did feel nervous and a bit uneasy… I had an idea what may be covered on the day, but did not expect that will be discovering that much about myself, and couldn’t do it this on my own anyway. “Homework” between sessions brought my second session to a whole new level. I had an orgasm!!! My body got awaken and it feels great to be positive, energised and whole again!!! Relationship with my partner since then tremendously improved. He loves “new” me and we enjoying our time together much more often. I feel like a woman again! Looking forward to my next session.


My very first insertion was amazing, it did such a good job of making you relax and let go – and for someone who really struggles with switching off and being in the moment. It really helped me.


From the moment I bought my anal plug online, I was put at ease. There was understanding and empathy about my circumstances and my needs. I was given reassurance that my physical needs & desires were not just normal but quite common. I suddenly didn’t feel so strange. With prior planning over the phone, I looked forward to my upcoming session. My anal plug arrived and I felt excited. I enjoyed the initial insertion, which was sensual in itself and put me in a complete state of relaxation. More sex in the shower followed, which prepared me for a full, and very gratifying, physical experience. The session went on to arouse parts of me I didn’t know were possible. The overall experience opened my eyes to possibilities and gave me hope for my own personal journey. The final segment of my session allowed for feedback from my own experience. Overall, this sensual & erotic toy has changed me, changed my perspective and has given me hope for a more sensual future.