Why you should not be ashamed of using a sex toy?

Have you ever heard of sex toys? Surely you must have. You might even have used one or maybe you own one. It feels really good to use them to get off quickly. But some people are constantly at war with a conservative and traditional part of themselves. This part states that using a sex toy is a sin and that they should be ashamed of using a toy of all things to get off. To make things worse, some people don’t like using sex toys and also make sure to do everything they can to ensure that nobody else likes using them too. For this, they shame others, publicly or privately. If that doesn’t work then they taunt them or ridicule them. This isn’t just disgusting but also vile.

While the above can be degrading and a huge blow to your self-confidence but you shouldn’t be ashamed of using a sex toy. Here’s why:

  • It gives pleasure: Its job is to give pleasure. It does so and you feel good. Full stop. That’s all it’s about and it’s an intensely private thing which you shouldn’t be embarrassed about. Your pleasure is nobody else’s business other than yours (unless they are a creep of course). If you are feeling embarrassed about using it then know that there’s no shame in exploring yourself. The more you use it, the better you will understand what you like and what you don’t. This will certainly help you in your romantic relationships.
  • Don’t listen to other people: This is easier said than done but honestly do turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to people who are not positive or encouraging about using sex toys. Don’t let others get to you or project their insecurities on you. Remember that just cause someone isn’t comfortable using sex toys for any of the myriad reasons they might have, doesn’t mean that they get to berate or humiliate you for using one. Don’t get deterred by their comments. Instead show them what a confident, healthy and sex-positive person is like who cannot be bullied by others.

  • You can enlighten someone: Sex toys have been in use for centuries but there are still myths and conservative or traditional opinions regarding it floating around, as said above. These misconceptions can be harmful to people who believe in them and for others as well. This is because such views may prevent them from ever exploring themselves and they may prevent others from doing so as well. So if you are confident in yourself regarding the use of sex toys, then others will see or come to realize that it’s not the monster it’s made out to be.
  • You are not alone: If you have just started using sex toys to seek pleasure you might think that you are the only one who is dirty and kinky. But that’s not true at all, the entire sex toy industry is billions of dollars rich. This means that along with you, billions of others are using sex toys and using them proudly. Just because the people surrounding you are not talking about using sex toys daily doesn’t mean that they don’t use it. Even if they don’t use it, there are plenty of others who do. But generally, there is a taboo about talking about sex toys in public spaces and so many people refrain from doing so even if they do own toys of their own. The better way would be to simply ask them about it or bring it up nonchalantly in a conversation sometime. Chances are that you will find many users of it. The LG website proves that people actually buy and use these products, because of their very positive reviews.
  • Know something new: If you are having trouble orgasming before then you can try out sex toys. You never know, you might end up learning something about your body and what makes it tick. Or maybe you will be reassured that you can indeed orgasm and that nothing was lacking in you, as for your partner though, there are still doubts. But apart from this, using sex toys does ensure your orgasms are more frequent and reliable.
  • It’s adventurous: Many people get a certain high when they try out new things. Using a sex toy and finding out the various ways you can pleasure yourself is an adventure as well. So don’t be ashamed of going into a sex shop and buying your first toy or going back to try out new toys. If you think you aren’t ready to walk into a sex shop yet then there are plenty of online retailers who will ship your toys to you in discreet packages. So you can breathe easy, your mailman won’t know what you have in the package that he deposited by your front door. After all, we understand that having a daredevil, no-care attitude is hard when you have just begun using sex toys.

  • Shows confidence:Sex toys can spice up your romantic life with your partner. After all, sex toys aim to make the entire experience more enjoyable and fun for you both. This doesn’t mean that any of you are lacking in bed in any way. On the contrary, it means that both of you are confident and known what you want sexually. This kind of confidence should also extend to having an open conversation with your partner so that both of you can find yourselves on the same page regarding its use.

While there will always be taboo towards sex toys to some extent but it must also be kept in mind that more people are supporting the use of sex toys and even experimenting with it themselves. Many old myths of only lonely women using vibrators or of men becoming cucks if they use sex toys etc are starting to dissipate. As more resources regarding sex toys become available, the perception towards it is also changing rapidly. So just be confident in yourself and your sex life, don’t pay any heed to what others are chattering about.

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