You shouldn’t be afraid to use glass dildos and here’s why

When it comes to sex toys, people are willing to try out pretty much anything that seems kinky enough. Put a hook in your ass for some good old-fashioned anal play? Sure! Electrostimulate your nipples with electrodes and clamps? Keep ‘em coming!

Yet, somehow, glass sex toys keep people frowning. There’s just something intimidating about glass dildos and using them on (and in) our bodies. Is that a misconception or reality? Let’s take a look!

A class dildo glass

Why should anyone use glass dildos? Surely, they’re using glass just so that they could make cheaper models, right? Well, not really. If the alternative is rubber, you’re not saving money on glass. This is not your regular type of glass you make wine glasses out of. They use special, hardened glass, which we will talk about in just a second.

If we disregard the skepticism of those who haven’t tried it, glass toys are rather popular — especially glass butt plugs and dildos. The first and foremost reason for it is the way they make you feel. They are amazing because they are usually tougher than most other dildos.

With them, you’ll put more pressure on your nerve endings, which is why you use a dildo in the first place. On top of that, the glass itself is a cooperative material, so you can use it for temperature play or during showers. They’re also highly durable. However, the main question here is: are glass dildos safe?

Afraid that it will break inside you? What are they made of?

Let’s be honest — you’re probably looking this up because you’ve seen that “one man one jar” video — we all have. That was really a shocking experience just to look at. But that jar was made for storing pickles, and the fella in the video severely misunderstood the instructions.

However, these dildos were made specifically for that purpose. They will survive every time you try to simulate anal sex. In fact, dildos usually use borosilicate glass, which is hardened and is much more durable than regular glass. Alternatively, you can also get pyrex glass, which has the same effect. In some (rarer) cases, they even use tempered glass, which is so durable that they use it for skyscraper windows. If they can hold up pressure and window from a mile up, they will survive your butt clenching.

Obviously, glass is glass, and glass will break; they’re not indestructible. However, the force you’ll have to use to break them is beyond realistic. For instance, if you drop it from a great height, then, obviously, you’ll find some chips in it.

Furthermore, glass is a durable material. If you take good care of your dildos, they will last you a lifetime. Yes, they’re a bit pricier than cheaper models, but you’ll save money in the long term. The more glass toy reviews you read, the more satisfied customers you’ll find.

So now that we’ve got safety out of the way, let’s move on to the fun part. One of the reasons glass toys are so great is their versatility. We’ll talk about a few reasons you’ll fall in love with your glass buddy.

Temperature play: Hot or cold

Like all other dildos, you can use them for both vaginal and anal stimulation, depending on what you got. The great part is, you can experiment with temperature play, which other dildos (like rubber) will not comply with. Temperature play revolves around getting in contact with items that are either hotter or colder than our bodies. Thanks to our neuroreceptors, we (our skin) reacts to it, and many people find it stimulating when the contact happens near their erogenous zones.

So if you’re into temperature play, a glass dildo will be your friend! You can put your dildo in hot or cold water for a bit and use it on yourself to achieve a more intense stimulation. Since it’s glass, the dildo will react to different temperatures without any side effects.

They’re lube-friendly

Another advantage is that these dildos are entirely lube-friendly. As you probably already know, not all materials go together with each other. For instance, you cannot use silicone-based lube on silicone toys because it creates abrasion, and bacteria start to gather.

With glass dildos, you can use anything really. Whatever your preference is, it will not damage the glass. So if you like oil, silicone, hybrid, or water-based lube, you can just lap that boy up, and you’re good to go.

Shower sex

If you’re into shower sex, you probably know that you need to use silicone-based lube during it. Shower water washes away water-based lube and your personal lubrication, and things can become pretty rough. That’s why glass dildos are great because you can use silicone-based lube, which doesn’t wash away as easily.

They have the smoothest texture

When you try a glass toy for the first time, you’ll feel like you’re sitting down on a work of art. The great thing about them is that they are smooth and sturdy at the same time. They will add more pressure to your nerves but will also feel great to your skin with nothing there to irritate you.

They can be fully penis-like or beaded as much as you like, but they will never lose their smoothness, which you will appreciate endlessly.

Glass is non-porous

What this means is that the glass has no pores inside it. In other words, it’s a filled material with no little holes and pockets of air. As a result, no water, lube, or bacteria can get inside and fester there. If bacteria enter your porous dildo, you have to throw it away if you don’t want to get infected. With a glass toy, this is never a worry.

Simple to clean

Finally, glass dildos are amazing because they’re easy to clean. If you’ve bought a quality one, your dildo will be able to withstand boiling water with ease. You can just put it in hot water for a few minutes so that the heat removes lube and kills any bacteria.

So, if we ever did convince you to have one, do not just sit and the corner and wait for the magic. Take a step forward and look at this Lovegasm online store, and search for the best glass dildo that would best fit your masturbation.

In conclusion, feel free to use glass toys — they’re perfectly safe, and you can use them in more ways than one!

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